You Are Beautiful

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the insidious message the media is giving to our youth regarding physical attractiveness. There are very dark, evil forces behind advertising, music videos, and films which bombard us daily and insinuate that women must look and act a certain way (i.e. a sexual way) in order to feel valued by others.

Having to raise two girls in this dangerous and fallen world is a heavy burden to bear. It’s all too easy to get caught up in this web of deception around us which seems harmless at first glance but upon further digging, you uncover the horror of the lies that the advertisers love to sell us. These lies have ruined the self-image of too many women and have given men a sense of entitlement to use and objectify women. Subsequently this has led to rampant sexual violence against women.

We have to fight against the status quo and uplift our children by telling them the truth. Only the truth will set us free. This is a reminder to me and a prayer for my girls:

You are beautiful not because of the size or shape of your eyes,

You are stunning not because of the size of your bust,

You are lovely not because of the length of your legs,

You are pretty not because of the width of your hips,

You are attractive not because of how luscious your lips are,

You are gorgeous not because of how thick your eyelashes are,

You are breath-taking not because of the brand you wear,

You are beautiful because God made you and created you in His image.

He gave you your own, unique, and very special facial features and body.

Embrace this God-given beauty.

Be proud of who you are – a child of God.

Nothing is more beautiful than knowing you are His eternally.