An Interrupted Life

Tonight is one of the rare nights I have time to sit, reflect, and write. One of the realities of being a mom is having an interrupted life.

Meal times are interrupted by a fussy baby who wants to be held to go to sleep. There’s no time to savor the flavors of a gourmet meal when your toddler starts to throw a tantrum because she’s bored in her high chair and wants to roam around the restaurant.

Most nights Katelynn hasn’t been sleeping till midnight due to excessive gas. And my sleep is interrupted by her constant stirrings and when her pacifier falls out, I have to retrieve it for her in order for her to fall back asleep.

Showers are interrupted by hysterical crying in the other room (Katelynn’s pacifier must have fallen out during her nap!).

Bathroom breaks are interrupted by my toddler who wants to just be with mommy.

Conversations are really difficult to have when you have two kids vying for your attention.

My life feels like a constant string of interrupted moments – interrupted by crying, diaper blow-outs, spit-up, temper tantrums, requests for water/milk/cereal/a book.

It’s so easy to get frustrated with the countless interruptions but I’m learning the art of letting go. Having a perpetual string of interruptions means being flexible, going with the flow, being okay with a messy house, being okay with not being able to cook gourmet meals every night, being okay with one of my kids crying because I only have one pair of hands.

My interrupted life forces me to let go of this idea of a what a perfect wife/mom should be. It forces me to acknowledge that I am desperately in need of God’s grace and His strength to just to make it to the end of a very long, draining day.