Baby bunching

Sometimes it feels like you blink and life just zooms by in high speed. How did I even get to this point? I’m 30 years old (which I used to think was ancient). I’ve been married four years already. And now I’m a babybuncher – (mom of two kids under age two)! Life has never been busier, crazier, challenging, and more joyous than now!

Raising one child is difficult. Raising two is even harder. And I have to say raising two under two is impossible! My older daughter Annelise is now 19 months and my second daughter Katelynn is almost two months old. My daily schedule involves nursing Kate every three hours, holding Kate for her daytime naps, changing many diapers, feeding Annelise three meals a day, bathing Kate or Lisi, taking Lisi to the park or library for story-time, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, taking our dog Cole out, reading to Lisi. It’s a non-stop, never-ending, go-go-go kind of day…every day.

Annelise keeps me busy during the day – she’s an active toddler who loves to explore the world – her favorite things to do are eating, reading, watching Pororo or Pingu, taking everything out of her drawers, and basically touching anything and everything. Katelynn keeps me up at night – she has her fussy period at nighttime and I either have to nurse or pump in the middle of the night. The interrupted sleep really has been making me exhausted. Thankfully my parents have been so wonderful in helping out during the day!

It’s impossible to give all my attention to both my girls all the time – that’s been the hardest thing about babybunching. I’m certainly not superwoman so when I’m nursing Kate, sometimes Annelise is crying because she wants my attention or she’s jealous. And when I’m attending to Annelise, Katelynn is crying because she wants to be held! All I can do is do my best with the limited time and hands I have. And I realize I need to pray for God’s wisdom and his grace because it really is such an impossible situation. As difficult as it has been, mommyhood is such a joy. And being a mom of two is double the pain but also double the fun.

The best thing about being a mom is that it forces you to sacrifice your time, your energy, your sleep, your everything. Because it forces you to give and give until you have nothing left in you – it’s such a blessing to experience and a reminder of how much God loves us. He gave and gave – until he died. What an inspiration and what a challenge for us moms to follow.


4 thoughts on “Baby bunching

  1. Hang in there! I totally know how you feel…it gets easier as they get a bit older. I have five kids ranging from the age of nearly 2 years to 11.5…I must say it is easier now than when we had only really little ones!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. Yes, I’m looking forward to the time things slow down a bit but I am definitely trying to enjoy each moment because I know it’ll go by fast. Wow – you are a super mom for taking care of five kids!

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